Friday, May 13, 2011

The Power of Knowing What You Want

How creating a portfolio will simplify your shopping.

Have you ever opened a clothing catalogue and exclaimed, "That's it! That's me!" or

I did this when I opened the current Ezibuy catalogue. A two-page spread featured a skirt, top, belt, and jacket that were exactly the style in which I feel modest, feminine, elegant, and comfortable. The colours aren't what I look my best in, but yes, the silhouette and simple detail are definitely me. How rare it is to see on one page a complete outfit I'd be willing to purchase!

I didn't purchase in this case because I'm stocking my wardrobe with clear, strong colours, but I did take a photograph of the spread (so you could see it) and cut out the pages for my Portfolio.

What is this portfolio? You may have noticed that one of the topical categories on the sidebar is labelled Portfolio. I stopped applying the label to posts because it fitted nearly every post. When it comes to modest fashion, which you and I both know is hard to find, your portfolio allows you to know exactly what you like so that you can buy what you want when you see it.
From BN post "Creating Your Own Picture Portfolio"
Faced with the rarity of modest clothing in stores, it's surprising that when we do see a modest garment, it can be hard to tell if it's something we'll enjoy wearing or that'll look good on us because we have an urgency to 'grab it while it's available'. Have you experienced this?

I've found one way to prevent panic buying is to collect images of garments you love and form them into a portfolio, or scrapbook.  Recognizing 'my' fashion in the Ezibuy catalogue helped me recognize it in the store. Wandering around The Warehouse, I did a double take when I saw a military-style fleece jacket.

You saw me wearing that coat last week in Modelling Modesty: Anzac Girl. Here's another view, snapped in the junior section at the Warehouse -- not somewhere I've thought of as a modest fashion treasure trove for grown women.  Notice the collar style and buttons. Compare it with the Ezibuy jacket. Do you see the similarity? I did, and that's why I knew immediately I would buy it.

Start forming your own portfolio today, and in the process teach your brain to recognize your personal fashion style!


Jo said...

I bought that beautiful long grey skirt but wont get it until June, it looks so nice, I do hope it is as nice when I am wearing it!!

Boutique Narelle said...

I hope so too, Jo! It is lovely, isn't it? We'd love to hear a review when you've worn it! =)

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