Friday, April 15, 2011

Kooky Capers for Autumn 2011 is now a fully fledged online store! Get yourself on their mailing list and you'll be treated to seasonal discounts that are sometimes very generous indeed.

Here's a peek at this season's designer Kooky Collection.

Can't afford to wear label clothes? Check out the styling ideas and incorporate them into what you can afford to buy or sew.

 KOOKY adjective Definition: quaint, quirky, funky, irregular, unconventional, whimsical.
If these styles don't appeal to you, then funky/kooky is not your style! Don't fret over it or try to force your wardrobe to adapt. Go shop at a store that offers styles you do like. See our new FAVOURITES feature on the sidebar for recommended stores that stock modest clothing.

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