Friday, April 29, 2011

2 Handy Hints: Glove Source & Garment Test Drive

update to "Questions from a Lady Attending the Dance"
  • NZ$3.50 from 123+ ($2-shop chain store)
  • Slim Asian design with plenty of stretch. Not created for long fingers (like mine), but no-one will notice unless they're taking close-up photographs of your hands.
  • Matte, not satin as the packaging claims.
  • 3 colours
  • Above-elbow length at 47cm. Looks good ruched and accessorized with a cuff bracelet or dainty watch.


Ezibuy have supplied a new photo (below) of the knit tunic featured at the end of the BN autumn review (March 11th). This new image has confirmed my suspicion that the neckline has more droop in it than the first image suggested.
Remember, if you want to be sure a garment is modest, you need to try it on. Check all angles in a mirror. Shrug energetically. Sit down. Lean forward.  Most store dressing rooms include a full length mirror and a chair, but with mail order companies, you can try your chosen garments at home. Don't trust the sales pitch. Test drive to check the vehicle is worthy before parking it in your closet!

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