Friday, March 4, 2011

Skirts: How to Make Them Modest

On a small income? Hands up if you know it's hard to find cheap modest skirts?

I have a friend who uses her good old Kiwi ingenuity to solve her family's skirt problems. The simple creativity behind her solution charmed me speechless. Her theory is this: If a recycled clothing mart doesn't include modest skirts on the rack, combining 2 immodest skirts equals 1 modest skirt.

There was quite a breeze blowing when I took these photos, so the skirt looks fuller than it normally would.

For a funky look, topstitch lines a centimeter or so apart, joining the two layers, then cut between the seams on the top layer only. The raw denim edges won't need much encouragement to fray like this.

She's quick to confess that not all her partnerships are successful. Every designer in the world experiences design flops, but they tend to keep it quiet. For us, with the ability to view a solid object rather than a vision of one, it's easier to judge what to adjust or change in order for a concept to work. So look and learn.
As you can see, 50/50 length doesn't work when you have such a big contrast. My recommendation is figure out the finished length you need, then work out the balance of the two layers at a ratio no greater than 2:3 or 3:4.

Some skirts don't require a complete makeover, just a small one. B has a knack for this.

I'm particularly delighted by her solution for the knee-high back vent. B and her sister have loved this skirt to bits.
B's advice for kick-pleat insertions is to make sure that trims will stretch along with the fabric. I.e. use stretch lace and sew with a stretch stitch.
Isn't it brilliant? I almost want to go out and buy an immodest skirt just so I can have one of these myself!

B has an answer for skirts that have been damaged, perhaps an iron burn, a barbed wire rip, or a stain. Cover it up with an applique or, as below, cut out the damaged part and insert an embroidered extension.

The decorative band also works for hiding a join when you add an extension to the hem, as I've done below.

B's latest design combines the ever popular denim with the current stripe delight trend. The denim skirt has been cut into strips or shapes and these shapes are stitched on top of the striped skirt. The top portion of the striped skirt (the part above the stripes you see in the illustrations) was then removed and the raw edges (inside) neatened.
To make neat edges, place right side of denim onto right side of striped skirt. Stitch. Fold denim down over seam and press. To make frayed edge, top stitch and then hassle the raw edges.
We hope this post has inspired you and provided solutions for your modest skirt dilemma. If you have additional ideas, please share them in the comments box!

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