Friday, March 11, 2011

Modest Options from EziBuy Autumn Catalogue

Let's see what EziBuy's autumn catalogue offers for today's modest and gorgeous woman. EziBuy is available in New Zealand and Australia.
This acrylic/wool dress gives coverage in all the right places and is feminine without being wildly frilly. Wear it with a pair of bootleg jeans or opaque tights and boots. Also available in raspberry.

This drapey tunic doesn't lend itself to solo splendour, but undergirded with bootleg trousers and a coordinating tee, you'll have a modest and pleasing outfit.
Cowlnecks are still in, but happily for the selective dresser they're now being supplemented with coordinating or built-in camisoles (above and below).

 More built-in bodice boosters, allowing you to wear the flattering v-neckline with confidence.
Bolero or cropped jackets are a cute fixer for sleeveless and low-neckline after-five wear, provided the jacket neckline is an improvement on the dress.  This example has a hook and eye fastening at the front that looks like it will provide sufficient coverage. Remember, where there's one hook, you can add more.
 Above and below are more cute toppers for trousers or below-the-knee straight skirts.

 Butt, bosom, and biceps all covered. Make sure you wear smooth upholstery underneath knits like this.
If black and white looks good on you, make the most of the refined feminine detailing available at the moment. Or, take these ideas and spruce up the B/Ws you already have. Remember to give your whites a laundry inspection before you put them on the ready-to-wear rack.

This tunic may look like a modest option to top bootleg jeans or a straight skirt, but be aware that the 80s-style wide sleeves usually mean you are exposed when you lift your arms. Upon occasion a woman has done this near me and I've seen from one side of her to the other inside her shirt. If you want to wear the style, make sure you've got a close-fitting tee underneath.
Upon first sight, I thought this a dainty rebirth of the knit v-neck tee, but then I noticed that another illustration using the same tee (below) made the neckline appear lower. The only way to know is to try it on yourself. We all have different measurements in sometimes surprising locations (although what's surprising here is it's the same model), so what is modest on one lady may not be modest on another.
If you can't get to city that has an EziBuy store, for a small postal charge you get to try on anything you like in your own home -- one thing I like about that is that I can check items coordinate with my existing wardrobe! -- and you return what you don't want. If you're not sure what size you need, order one of each and send back what doesn't fit.  It's quicker, cheaper, and more convenient than driving all the way to the city.

 A couple of knits and ways to dress them up or fill the empty spots.

This knit tunic is acrylic/nylon/mohair/elastane with velvet tie at waist. I hope that with elastane in it the mohair and acrylic won't sag all the way to Antractica. (If you buy one, let us know if you get there.) It'll be cosy, but be aware it's not lined and yarn knits are not as dense as cotton knits. A chemise will certainly be a good idea (I've made a couple of cotton knit ones based on a $10 camisole and find them wonderfully comfy and cosy). If the neckline worries you, drape a scarf or wear a long-sleeved tee underneath. This will also help prevent any itch you might experience from the mohair. [Editor's Note: a new photo supplied by Ezibuy confirms that this neckline is not modest.]

We hope this post helps you keep your shopping savvy about you as you strive to be modest and modernly gorgeous. Let us know your thoughts in the comment feature below.

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