Friday, February 25, 2011

Modest Options at Chadwicks

 A quick peep at showed bright, pretty tops with neutral bottoms, styling influenced by a range of 20th century decades.

Boutique Narelle appreciates that Chadwicks models present themselves in a modest manner. We hope you enjoy seeing what Chadwick's offers American ladies for Spring fashion in 2011.

Can't buy it yourself? Use the inspiration to adapt what you already have. Notice the use of accessories and colour.

Apparently Broomstick is the new Mermaid. The row of stars you see below the images are customer ratings. If you find a garment you like, it's helpful to rate and comment so other shoppers looking for modest clothing know that garment is a good choice.

This yoked denim skirt has been voted by shoppers as the favourite skirt style from Chadwicks.

It has a back vent. Greatly will I applaud the store that provides a backview of such features. Chadwicks isn't one of them. If you see a skirt you like but are in doubt as to whether the back has a vent or, if it does, whether it will be modest, there is a solution. No, I don't mean sew up the vent. I've tried that twice, with hilarious and embarassing results.

If a garment has a vent, it's usually because the manufacturer didn't include enough fullness for easy movement. You need the extra give that the vent allows. Next post we'll provide images of a denim skirt back vent that its owner filled with fabric, creating a pretty pleat without loss of movement.
I checked the details on the Trapunto Skirt. It doesn't have a vent. Yay!

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