Friday, February 4, 2011

Magic Sleeves Make Modesty Easy!

Hat and t-shirt from Postie. Scarf from The Warehouse. Skirt by Boutique Narelle.
Here's a quick solution for the next time your top needs some extra fabric in a hurry. Maybe you need to cover your upper arms, shoulders, and back for modesty, or to protect your skin from sunburn. To do so, all you need it a shawl or wide scarf.
I take most of my own photos. Fashion shoots as both model and photographer tend to be tedious...back and forth from the camera, setting the delay switch, posing, going back to check the I'm delighted to have discovered a way that simplifies this. The following images were shot as video with photo stills captured from that. You won't get the image quality of a photograph, but hopefully you'll enjoy the 'how-to' sequences that are thus enabled.

This lightweight scarf stuffs easily into my handbag. When I find my t-shirted self exposed to the sun for too long, I can whip out the scarf, drape and tie, and continue in the sun with peace of mind.
The trick will also work if you need to cover your front. Perhaps you have a low cut top, or need sun protection above your usual neckline.

Reverse the tie sequence, starting by draping the scarf across your chest, loop over behind and under your arms and tie at the front. Tie again for additional security.

Pretty and Practical!

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