Friday, January 28, 2011

The Scotty Suit

Under her cardigan, Narelle wears a Warehouse camisole (from the girls' section).
Your Closet and the Men in Your Life
My sister brought her young family to visit for a few days. In his bedtime prayer, 3-year-old Scotty thanked God that he got to sit next to Aunty Narelle at the table and that she was wearing a blue suit. I was tickled pink to know he approved of my appearance.
Joshua, Scotty, and Elizabeth help Aunty Narelle sing. Narelle is wearing what she now thinks of as her Scotty Suit.
My father appreciates that I present myself in a modest, feminine manner. He's proud of my wholesome womanliness. I like knowing I please him.

When you choose your wardrobe, do you consider the men in your life? Are they delighted in you and edified by your appearance, or are they distracted and uncomfortable around you?
Do you know what your menfolk think about dress and modesty? Does it matter to you what they think?

Jeff Pollard wrote, “Women and men need to clearly understand that clothes are a language, a true body language.” [Christian Modesty and the Public Undressing of America. Your complimentary copy from Chapel Library is waiting for you. Email for your free copy (no postage required in USA), or download free pdf version here:]
Colleen Hammond, author of "Dressing with Dignity", said, “There is a difference between dressing attractively, and dressing to attract. …You can dress fashionably while still maintaining your dignity.”
And a closing thought from counter counter-cultural journalist Wendy Shalit:

"Not only do we think there are differences between the sexes, but we think these differences can have a beautiful meaning – a meaning that isn’t some irrelevant fact about us but one that can inform and guide our lives. That’s why we’re swooning over nineteenth-century dramas and clothing. We want our dignity back, our ‘feminine mystique’ back, and, along with it, the notion of male honor."  [A Return to Modesty.]
What a button placket lacks, a JayJays camisole can supply.

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