Friday, January 21, 2011

Modelling Modesty: Christmas Carol

"Modelling Modesty" posts on Boutique Narelle provide you with proof that you're not the only girl in the world striving to be modest and gorgeous. Welcome to the company of courageous femininity!
Modelling modesty, Narelle demonstrates her Christmas Eve outfit. She wore the same skirt and colour scheme the following day...
The shoes were a gift to herself, subsidized by Mum. Have you noticed that pretty footwear makes even a plain outfit charming?
If you're thinking that this looks like she needs to invite her shirt down to meet her skirt, you'd be right. Between stretch fabrics and health issues, Narelle struggles to keep her ensembles all together. Hanging loose is good for her wellbeing but not her wardrobe!
The finishing touch.

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