Friday, January 14, 2011

Flowers in Your Hair, part 2

Wild or garden flowers may be out of season or out of reach for you, but don't despair. The imitation variety are attractive and generally inexpensive. Flowers in your hair in winter have a special power. It's as though they puff out their colour and sweetness to the world's grey frigidity, bringing smiles, defying gloom.
Jyoti and Narelle
Jyoti prepared a magnificent feast for Narelle's birthday party. With little time to primp once the food was ready, a flower on a small crocodile clip was the perfect ornament. Along with her beautiful smile.

Narelle wore her hair up (below) on Christmas Day, using a butterfly clip and two alligator clips to pin it up in sections, the last clip hidden by an adaptable red rose she found in the $2 shop the day before -- it can be fastened by elastic hairtie, small crocodile clip, or brooch pin.
From "The Inheritance" by Louisa May Alcott
"Tell on, and Amy, love, come place some flowers in Ida's hair; she has left that for your skillful hands to do."
From "Roses and Forget-Me-Nots" by Louisa May Alcott
a short story which you can read here:

    In vain they searched; in vain Marie wailed and Belle declared it must be somewhere; no wreath appeared. It was duly set down in the bill, and a fine sum charged for a head-dress to match the dainty forget-me-nots that looped the fleecy skirts and ornamented the bosom of the dress. It had evidently been forgotten; and Mama dispatched Marie at once to try and match the flowers, for Belle would not hear of any other decoration for her beautiful blonde hair.
    The dress fitted to a charm, and was pronounced by all beholders the loveliest thing ever seen. Nothing was wanted but the wreath to make it quite perfect, and when Marie returned, after a long search, with no forget-me-nots, Belle was in despair.
    A general "Ah!" of admiration arose as Belle, Mama, and Marie surveyed the lovely wreath that lay before them; and when it was carefully arranged on the bright head that was to wear it, Belle
blushed with pleasure. Mama said: "It is more beautiful than any Paris could have sent us;" and Marie clasped her hands theatrically, sighing, with her head on one side:
    "Truly, yes; mademoiselle is now adorable!"

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