Friday, December 10, 2010

A Noodle in Your Boots

Summer temperatures send you joyfully fishing for your flip-flops and dancing off into the sunshine with almost bare feet while your winter boots droop in the wardrobe gathering dust for the next four months.

Does this scenario sound familiar to you?

Here's how to protect your boots while you're not wearing them. That sideways droop is damaging to the fabric, so it's beneficial to the boot and your pocketbook to use boot stuffers.

Boot stuffers can be as basic as stuffing newspaper down the boot leg, but if you've ever tried that, you'll know how messy and unsatisfactory it is. I've seen Inflatable Boot Stuffers advertised in the Avon catalogue priced at $12.95 a pair. I have 2 pairs of boots so that works out at $26. If you're like my boot fiend friend with 9 pairs, that's $116.55 in boot storage! Outrageous. The good news is we have here the perfect low-cost answer.
The solution is a pool noodle. Yes, that's right, those coloured foam tubes that you float around on in the swimming pool. They're also useful in your closet!

I purchased one pool noodle for NZ$2.99 (even though the Warehouse label said $4.99) and measured it into 6 sections, a pair at 20cm, a pair at 25cm, and a pair at 30cm. Dad cut them for me using a .....saw. I vacuumed the shavings off the ends, then stuffed a noodle segment into each boot.
A pair of my mother's boots benefited from this experiment. Between us we made a saving of $35.86. Enough for another pair of boots!
My boots are now ready for their summer hibernation, stuffed and blanketed. The dust cover is an upturned recyclable grocery bag (valued at about NZ$1.50).

The Warehouse doesn't stock pool noodles during winter, so get them now!
Thanks to USE YOUR NOODLE AND LOOK AFTER YOUR BOOTS provided by Maxine Berryman in "Simple Savings: Hint of the Week", and thanks to my sister Katrina for passing on the tip!
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Foam-By-Mail said...

I have never seen this use for foam noodles before and I have to say, this is one of the most creative uses I've come across. Yet another feather in the cap of the ever-versatile material known as foam!

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