Friday, November 26, 2010

Easy Way to Turn Ties Inside-Out

Have you ever sewed ties for a dress, straps for a chemise, or handles for a bag, and been frustrated with the fiddly task of turning that narrow strip inside-out once you've stitched it?

Here's a simple trick so you can do it in a jiffy.

When you stitch that long edge seam, leave 8cm thread tails at both ends (in case one end breaks).

Take a fat darning needle or other shunter with a blunt end and knot the thread over it.

Poke the needle inside the tube (same end as it's tied at), and pull gently.

The threaded edge of the tie will bend inward and get stuck.

Ease and pull fabric gently while keeping tension on the needle. It will soon begin to slide inward. Sliding is good. The easier it slides, the quicker you'll pull your tie right-side out.

Shunt the fabric over the needle toward the tied end so it scrunches up like a concertina, but don't let it get so tight you can't move it. Ease these folds.

You will need two hands for this task, which isn't shown in these pictures because the hand you can't see is holding the camera.

Some fabrics, like flannelette, are pedantic in slide-mode, but be persistent without forcing and they will respond. I recommend you learn this trick on slippery fabric so you get the feeling for how it should slide.

Extra Tip:
Is your garment too big around the bust, at the back, or under the arms?

The addition of ties fixed into the bodice side seam will enable you to pull the garment to fit your shape. It doesn't have to be a big chunky tie. These skinny minis work wonders and form a cute little bow.

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