Friday, September 24, 2010

The Sordid Tale of a Stain Remover

How to defeat the denim enemy

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Coloured denim needs to be laundered with consideration for colour-fastness. Unacquainted with this, I purchased a denim jacket in a vibrant aqua and wore it through the summer with enthusiasm. After a bit of wash and wear, I noticed the collar was stained and did what I normally do to fix this. I applied Frend stain remover, waited an hour or so according the instructions on the bottle, then chucked it in the washing machine.

My jacket emerged from the laundry wonderfully clean and horribly marked. Where Frend had dripped, denim had bleached. I was horrified. My favourite jacket! Sick unto death!

After a period of moaning, it was buried in the closet, exhumed only on certified stay-at-home days, for I would be ashamed to parade myself in company with such a collar.

If this seems to you a harsh attitude to take, I must assure you that I spent considerable time trying to find a solution. Could another Attack of the Frend bring the rest of the collar to a matching state? Or could I bleach the whole garment and start afresh, suffering my dear jacket to dye all over again? I didn't have the fortitude to do either, hence the burial.

That is, until a dull wintry day pressed upon me desperation for cheery colour on my person. Oh, that my aqua was baqua! Well, maybe it could be, if I deviously attaqua with a scarfy knaqua.

Example #1

: Scarf.
Application: Settle around neck then tie.
Aqua scarf is a stitched triangle. Rose print scarf is folded lengthways into four, providing an helpful slotting feature (see images below).

Example #2

So remember this: Frend is not the friend of denim. It is your denimy.

I'm particularly partial to wearing this scarf with this jacket because when my at-home lifestyle requires loose ends out of harm's way, I can quick as a wink tuck them between the buttons (hard to manage on a zipped jacket). Safe and cute.

More denim laundering tips here: Dabble in Denim.

More scarf tricks here: Scarfing Around, part 2.

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