Friday, August 27, 2010

Kooky Wins Modesty Approval Card

Kooky has posted out their Summer Collection 2010 lookbook and again I'm awed and delighted by the feminine garments within.

Kooky is a New Zealand designer label that creates fabrics specifically for their designs, so you're not going to get them cheap, but feast your eyes on these samples and I dare you to escape being thrilled and inspired!

I explored Kooky's entrancing Palmerston North store in June, wished I had a film crew with me, was given personal attention by both staff (no, they didn't know who I was), bought a couple of half price items (which tapped the outer limits of my budget!), and awarded a BoutiqueNarelle approval card, which I don't often do because modest clothing stores are rare -- as you well know. Despite my new bank balance, it was a blissfully girly experience.

You can find more details about the modesty approval card and what to do with it here:

I'm sure you'll agree it's refreshing to see such a percentage of modest garments and on models who aren't flaunting themselves. There are as many skirts as pants, and no exposed bosoms or shoulders. If Kooky is out of your price range (which you may not know until you go shopping because the catalogue is discreet upon this matter also), take note of how modesty and femininity is achieved in these outfits.

What are we looking for in a modest garment? Preference and convictions vary, but generally the aim is this:

non-transparent coverage of and/or non-clinging drape over
shoulders and arm-pits,
crotch and buttocks,
thighs and knees.

No. 29 gets a super-thumbs-up from BoutiqueNarelle. I've let 27 and 28 share the limelight so you can compare and contrast. (Remember, click on the image to view enlarged.)

Unlike most stores who limit themselves to the current seasonal trend, Kooky stock colours that cater for every complexion.

You can view the rest of the catalogue online at and find out store locations or contact details to get yourself on their mailing list.

To all the staff at Kooky, thank you! You are appreciated!

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