Friday, August 6, 2010

Bag of Tricks for Travellers, part 1

When modest ladies travel, their luggage ratio is higher than that of most modern women. This is because modest garments use more fabric than many designers deem necessary. If you desire to dress modestly on your travels, you will benefit from the following travel tricks that maximize your luggage space and give you more freedom in closet choice.


A key to travelling light is to take only what you will need. For example, if your trip is for 3 weeks, you won't need 3 months' worth of shampoo.

Since the enforcement of security measures on international and domestic flights and the subsequent ban of personal care items in bottles or tubes larger than 100ml for in-flight luggage, factories have been bundling out cute little options in toothpaste, shampoo, skin lotion, and everything else you require in your emergency toiletries kit.

You may not feel the need to have personal care items in your hand luggage (I do, because I know misdirected or delayed luggage is common), but they will certainly minimize your mass and lighten your load so there's more space for the items you can't do without.

You may not wish to buy a mini-toothpaste tube specifically for your journey. In that case, the way to lighten your load is to use small containers.

I collect useful containers. For travel, their one vital qualification is that they be watertight, for I've never enjoyed a leak in my luggage -- have you? The collection below includes a film cannister, a bottle and tub from Neways (the company that supplies my non-toxic shampoo, soap, etc, sells these as empties), and the reclining pill bottle came courtesy of my local pharmacy.

I'm very partial to the pump-lid bottle (above with mini-toothpaste, etc, and below in Warehouse packaging; sometimes they're located next to the suitcases, sometimes in the manchester aisle) which houses my liquid soap, which, by the way, works for body, laundry, and dishes! The neck clip ensures it doesn't leak during transit.

Do you have the toilet bag sorted? Some ladies prefer to call it a cosmetic purse. I rarely carry face paints, and when I do the proportion hardly qualifies for a rebrand, so for this article, the object is a toilet bag.

That being said, I knew that as an entertainer a day would come when I would need to tote quantities of cosmetics. I purchased by mail a Mary Kaye roll-up cosmetic tote bag. It featured 4 detachable zippered purses and a hanger hook. But the thing was huge! How could I ever fill that...or justify its large presence in my suitcase? No doubt this entertainer will in due course expand in dignity and personal toilette and it will then fulfil its destiny, but for the present I use just one of the detachable zipped purses.

It's specific designation is showering items. I like it because I can grab what I want quickly without having to fish for it. One drawback to this purse is its lack of hanger/handle -- cabin and motel showers frequently don't offer a bench or shelf for necessary items. My solution for this is the addition of a large paperclip on the zipper pull tab. A wire twistie tie (the black or white things used to bundle your new appliance cables) also works -- I pack this in my toilet bag in case the shower cubicle doesn't even provide a hook. I can use the twistie tie to hang the toilet bag from the curtain rail, shower spigot, or door latch.

Next week there will be another bag of tricks for travellers! In the meantime, if you have your own tricks for reducing and resizing your travel requirements, we'd love to hear from you!

Photos of Darina courtesy of her Nana Isabel Worboys.

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