Friday, July 9, 2010

Subtle Colour Changes that Transform You

Argh! I've got nothing to wear!
Which being interpreted means, "None of this allows me to look my best!"

Have you ever said that?

Read on to learn a secret of transforming your closet contents from dull to delicious.

I love teal, but I've discovered that teal doesn't love me. It might make my eyes look blue, but it makes my skin look bluer and my hair darker, end result being I looking cold and sickly, especially on a dull winter day.

I "had my colours done" a year ago, but couldn't affort to empty my closet and start over with a new colour palette. Besides, I'm very attached to some garments...comfy, practical, cute ones. You know how it is.

The trick is to apply something near your face that brings out the best in your skin tone, hair, and eyes.

In my case, I get a lot of mileage out of a bright shade of red. You can tell the right shade for you by identifying if it is yellow-based or blue-based. Ladies with Spring colouring appear their best in yellow-based tones.

First, a scrap of lace, 21cm by 92cm, folded twice widthwise and tied loosely around neck to fill the space between turtleneck and jacket, raising zip until scarf is nicely cradled.

Add hat in similar shade. A touch of lipstick [Neways Angel 9745].

Gloves and shoulder bag carry on the theme.

I could even do boots. [Click on image for link to Ballentynes store.]

Or go funky with headscarf instead of necktie.

Dreary teal transformed, I'm ready to step out with confidence!

Try this for yourself and let us know how you get on!

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