Friday, July 23, 2010

A Princess Moment

Every girl who's ever longed for a princess moment will understand the sense of victory I felt on 5th July 2009, but my royal triumph rose out of the event falling into disaster at my feet. In our dreams of that perfect Princess Moment, we envision ourselves perfectly dressed commanding our subjects and environment with a perfect smile. How can such a moment arise out of disaster?

No, that's not the organist. This is master of ceremonies, Nick Hill. Nice man.

I was guest vocalist in "Brass from the Past", a concert hosted by the Dannevirke Brass Band in the beautiful St. John's Anglican Church in Dannevirke. I knew I looked great. That in itself was a personal triumph, because no-one taught me to dress well. I've been my own tutor. Creating an attractive hairstyle is the fruit of two decades of trial and error. Confidence in your appearance goes a long way, especially when you have a chronic illness as I do, one that effects everything that makes a voice pleasant to the ear. I have to work very hard to cover that.

The dressing room was frigid, I was shaking with exhaustion before I began, then my accompanist altered the tempo so much I struggled to hold my notes. But my joyful, energetic rhythm wasn't the only loss. He didn't even give me coherent note progression. The massive pipes of the organ roared out a stream of fumblings and dischords.

Auditory disaster escalated while I stood isolated on that platform wondering if I should stop and call for him to start over. An echo in my head, something like "The show must go on!" stiffened my spine. I carried on, smiled harder, and hoped that he would get his act together and my vocal skills wouldn't be judged by this Very Awful Presentation.

Somehow, despite the disaster, I sang my heart out and moved listeners to tears of appreciation. I felt beautiful, I handled my environment with poise and grace, and I was applauded. It was a precious and privileged moment, a Princess Moment.

Some girls long for such a moment all their lives and never get it. I plan to create more such moments in my life, but even if that never happens, I'll know one thing. I have the capacity to be that Princess. Provided I carry myself with poise and grace, courage, self-respect, and faith, no matter how dark my days, nor even how lank my hair, cracked my lips, and blotchy my skin, I can be that Princess where it counts, if I choose. Because it's not me that's special, it's the process. Follow the process and you'll get results.

It's as big a challenge to bear oneself with those characteristics in private, where no-one sees day after day and no-one cares, as it is to do so in public. The point is that you will know, and God will know. And perhaps some day in eternity you will discover that someone did see and blessed you for it.

Plan on enjoying that public Princess moment, but in the meantime, live every moment with poise and grace, courage, self-respect, and faith. Let that be your qualification for royalty.

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