Friday, July 2, 2010

Lint Removers

There are two kinds of lint:
  1. debris attached to fabric through contact with people, animals, and other fabric or textiles;
  2. fabric fibres that have worked loose into tiny balls of fluff, known as pilling.
Removing debris is made easier with the use of a lint brush. This illustration shows two roller brushes, in regular and travel size (with a ballpoint pen for perspective), and a swivel-head lint brush that belonged to my grandmother.

The swivel-head brush is my favourite, although my fingers do get tired from cleaning the lint off the brush. The perforated sticky paper on the roller brushes is disposable, but it doesn't pick up lint as efficiently as the older brush.

Refillable sticky-paper roller brush,
available at supermarkets, department stores, and hardware suppliers.

A tip for lessening the amount of lint on your clothes is to take precautions at the laundering stage.

Precaution #1: Keep towels and other fluffy fabrics in a separate wash cycle.
Precaution #2: Check all pockets for tissues/kleenex before washing.
Precaution #3: Turn garments inside-out before laundering.
Precaution #4: Use a microfibre lint cloth or lint balls in your washing machine to capture lint while it's wet (the easiest time to remove it).

Lint Balls (above) are available at ShopHomeTrends
and on and

Pilling can leave sweaters and other clothes looking old and tired long before they show any other signs of wear. Run an electric lint remover over the effected spots and the spinning blade will whisk the fuzz balls away without damaging the fabric.

Heavy Duty Lint Remover, NZ$29.95 at or
Jumbo Lint Remover, NZ$12.90 at or

While advertisements hint that this is a speedy process, I find it takes about half an hour to do a garment. This green double-merino jersey (below) needs that attention every 3 or 4 months when worn regularly.

The point is, do you want to save time on closet care, instead spending money buying new garments that look fresh, or do you want to save money and spend time keeping your existing garments fresh?

I prefer to set aside a little time to ensure my clothes look great, which in turn keeps me looking great and spending less. How about you?

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