Friday, June 11, 2010

The Umbrella that Won't Blow Inside-Out

Continuing in my search for stay-dry options for active ladies who wear skirts and so can't take advantage of waterproof trousers, I came across a clever umbrella.

When the weatherman says "Brace yourself for a wintery blast" and you can't see the view for the rain on the window; when you'd rather stay in but you have to go out, here's what you need...

...a large umbrella that won't blow inside out. An entrepreneurial someone saw the water blasting by and said, "I'll make something that will keep you dry." This is the result, and I think it's brilliant.

My only complaint about the advertising is that if this lady really was wind-blown, she'd have a hat to keep her hair on as well as an umbrella to keep the rain off.

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