Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The Power of Femininity

I find it helpful to be reminded now and again about the value of femininity.

Sometimes the reminder comes from a friend...

She is on the staff of a luxury lodge and texted me one day that while she was working she saw a beautiful woman.

"It was only for a moment but it was enough to make me think WOW! I came home and read Pause at the Mirror. It went along with what I was thinking, that maybe she wasn't beautiful. Maybe it was the way she walked, the way she dressed, the way she smiled. She was very relaxed, peaceful, friendly. Her smile was genuine. Gorgeous long curly thick brown hair. Dressed girly but not overdone."

This vision of feminine grace left such a strong impression on my friend that the lady's charm effected me as well.

Sometimes the reminder comes from pictures...

I found these while researching New Zealand online shopping options. Kooky is high-end women's clothing, but even if the price tag isn't inspiring, the images certainly are.

May you be encouraged to continue growing in grace and femininity.

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