Friday, May 28, 2010

Miriam's Trouser Trick

Expanding a Waistband

Do you have a favourite pair of trousers that are in perfectly good condition but your waist has expanded whilst the trousers have not? Miriam showed me a nifty way to remedy this. The trick will work on a skirt as well.

1. Carefully unpick the side seams a little bit further than the area you need to increase. Fold under and press raw edges.

2. Pin a length of colour-matched wide elastic or stretch fabric down the extent of the opening, leaving about 15mm poking out at the waistband edge. Fold this top edge down, and tack all seams. Top-stitch close to the edge.

3. Miriam's trousers have side tabs which help make the finished garment look like it was
designed to be that way, but Miriam said her jumpers usually hide the insert. If you want the top of your elastic covered, make up some tabs yourself out of coordinating or contrasting fabric. Self-fabric tabs could be made by removing a portion of the trouser cuffs.

Thanks, Miriam!

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