Friday, May 7, 2010

Like Mother, Like Daughter

Kate was an energetic, hard-working woman. Her every-day appearance consisted of dark-coloured leggings, a loose shirt, and an extremely short haircut. Her one nod to femininity was super-sized dangly earrings, and if she was dressing for a special occasion, her loose shirt became a shiny loose shirt.

When Kate had a baby girl, I watched as she delighted in dressing little Mary-Dee in everything feminine and frilly. For several years, Mary-Dee flitted around in her dainty dresses, until one day she refused to wear them any more. A frustrated Kate told me, "All she'll wear now is leggings and t-shirts. I don't understand it."

I understood. Mary-Dee wanted to look like her mummy.

I have heard other mothers express puzzlement on this topic. Why won't their daughters wear the feminine things they provide for them? The answer is this: like mother, like daughter.

Children learn to be adult by copying the adults around them. Watch little girls at play. You can be sure they will be imitating adult behaviour and speech.

You may be 13, 30, or 60, but if you are in the position of having younger eyes look up to you, you hold a responsibility to provide them with a godly model to copy.

Simplicity announces:
Girls get their own version of this season’s ladylike look, perfectly pretty!
Pattern # 2683.

Whether you are 13, 30, or 60, if you are looking up to others as examples to imitate, check that they are worthwhile models. Is their character, speech, and appearance worthy of multiplication? If it is not, become the godly example yourself.

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