Friday, May 21, 2010

Caring for Your Bras

I apologize for not being able to give a byline for the following article. I neglected to make a note of where I found it. There are many web-tips on caring for your bras. The following is one company's opinion, supplemented by BoutiqueNarelle illustrations.


The ideal way to wash a bra is to hand wash with our gentle Essential Wash designed for delicates and then lay flat to dry. Since most of us do not have that kind of time the recommendation is to machine wash in a lingerie bag in cold water using a gentle cycle. The cool water shocks the elastic, helping the bra retain its stretch and shape. Clasp the back of the band before placing into lingerie bag. Do NOT wash in warm or hot water as this will shrink the cotton felt that is sewn in as the underwire casing and the underwires may pop out. Do NOT use chlorinating agents or harsh detergents as it will break down the elasticity in the bra. Do NOT use woolite - it is made for natural fibers - wool - and not recommended for synthetic fibers. We recommend you wash all your intimates first before wearing.


Smooth out cups and lay flat to dry. Do not hang wet bras by straps as this will strain the fabric and cause the straps to lose elasticity. NEVER place bra in dryer. Heat breaks down synthetic fabrics such as the ones found in EBW products: microfiber, lycra and spandex and dramatically reduces the life span of a bra. The dryer actually cooks any residual soap left in the bra's fibers. This causes loss of firmness, which cannot be regained.


Rotate bras - every day. One day of rest for every day of wear. Bras relax with the warmth of the body and will lose firmness if worn everyday. A bra can be worn 3-4 times in between washings to help extend its shelf life. The more you wash a fabric, the sooner it breaks down and loses firmness and support. Start on the first hook placement and move in as needed. If cared for properly, a bra should last up to one year of wear.

Author's recommended storage method for bras


Store your bras flat, or standing one in front of the other. DO NOT press one cup into the other cup to condense for wash or storing garment. By inverting the molded cup it is compromising the integrity of the mold and will cause the fabric to ripple after repeated incidents. It is best to wash and store bras flat in your drawer or on a shelf for the bra to live its longest life. The molded cups do place on top of one another nicely and can be stacked or lined up along side of one another as well.

Not everybody has huge closet space for laying out delicate items. Above and below are 2 storage options I have found to be suitable for my needs.

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