Friday, April 2, 2010

Clothes Shopping: Scary Prospect?

Is shopping alone for clothes a scary prospect for you?

Do you struggle to find things that wear well and look good on you? Do you stress over whether something is a wise purchase or not?

My sister Katrina shared one of those moments with me, inspiring this post (thanks, K!). She lives 6 hours drive from me, so we don't get to walk into a shop together and watch each other try on clothes. What do you do if you need support but can't take a friend with you?

Narelle's solution: SHOP ONLINE like this...
  • Browse a store website.
  • Email the pictures you like to your friend/family member, and/or discuss them over the phone while you both look at the same website.
Many online clothing stores provide an 'email a friend' button which means you can send the garment photo and/or link to your Shopping Support Person.

Ezibuy and newCreation Apparel are two online stores who provide the 'email a friend' button. You'll see it at the bottom of each of these illustrations, just below the garment image.

Here's hoping that your next clothes shopping event is more fun and less stress!

And for those of you who see a garment online that you think a friend is looking for or would look good in, use that "email a friend" button to let them know it's there. Especially if it's on sale! Let your loved ones know they don't have to battle through the shopping scenario by themselves.

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