Friday, April 23, 2010

Layering - with Bloomin' Butterflies

Bloomin' Butterflies microsuede shirt by OutbackTrading

I purchased this shirt at Farmlands, on sale for NZ$30 (regular price NZ$44.95), as a layering device for use with long-sleeved t-shirts which are reknown for their cosy but figure-hugging properties.

I don't like the wing effect created by cap sleeves (one reason being they accentuate my wide shoulders), so I reduced the angle by creating a tuck level with the bodice shoulder seam.

My first thought was to fix it at the outer edge with a few hand stitches, but decided to machine topstitch it from edge to shoulder, reducing my wingspan by 28mm per sleeve.

This layering device will be great when temperature fluctations make a jersey or jacket too warm but a single layer of t-shirt too exposed.

Also, due to my Spring colouring and warm t-shirts being perennially in Winter colours such as black, navy blue, plum, and white, this Spring-shade ivory (yellow-based) will be a way to bring life back to my visage when I'm compelled to wear blue-based tones. Here I'm shown wearing it with a Spring shade of red.

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