Friday, February 26, 2010

Still on the Orient Express

Elegantly chugging down the fashion track...

Here's another view of last week's featured outfit from Annie Lantz:
the Couchette Car Shirt in denim. (Click on images to see close-up details.)

"Grab your ticket and your suitcase," they said, so she pulled on her Autumn Traveller's Shirt and Pants, Grand Tour Overshirt (with coordinating cotton lace), plus a chunky-weave Autumn Traveller's Scarf for good measure,
and climbed aboard.

The Royal Scotsman Shirt is a smart piece in textured bias-cut check, with a front placketed Autumn Traveller's T-Top underneath for extra warmth, worn (below) with a poly-cotton jersey Portmanteau Skirt.

So you can be absolutely clear on the style of a garment, Annie Lantz catalogues provide line drawings as well as photographs. Below is an enlargement of the above styles...

The Australian label's autumn catalogue takes the luxury of the Oriental Express down a bi-coloured track. Ruby Red and Navy Blue turn out in a variety of fabrics and textures, a restricted palette that nevertheless creates a myriad of coordinating wardrobe options.

Just what you need when travelling -- harmonious items you can pull out of your case to make a fresh and feminine outfit. I've read travel advice from frequent flyers who all seem to pack in Black and White. Here's how you can pack in Practical and Cheerful.

Above: The Royal Scotsman Shirt, The Royal Scotsman Scarf, and Autumn Traveller's Pant.
Below: Orient Coach Shirt worn with Orient Express Skirt and The Royal Scotsman Scarf.

Cosy corduroy is used for skirts, trousers, tops, over-blouses, and jackets. At Annie Lantz, this season's details are in accessorizing sturdy basics with crocheted lace, jazzing them up with a bias-cut check or a contrast lining, and draping a bright scarf around your shoulders.

The catalogue features 4 scarves, all modelled as shawls: Royal Scotsman Scarf; Grand Tour Scarf; Autumn Coach Scarf; Autumn Traveller's Scarf. Don't these names almost make you feel as if you're on your way somewhere?

In the cosy library car, she wore her non-crush jersey knit Autumn Traveller's Shirt with feminine net frills on cuff edge and bodice front, her comfortable, cotton print Orient Express Skirt, and in case of chilly drafts, her Autumn Traveller's Scarf.

The shirtdress continues its tour de force, offered here in classic, go-anywhere pinstripe denim. A modesty tip for when purchasing this style: you may need to add extra buttons or domes at the top and bottom of the button placket. My solution has often been to permanently stitch the placket from the hem up to hip level.

I hear the whistle blowing.
That's me away,
For I'm to explore another station.
I wish you warm thoughts, bright colours, and closet innovation,
and from the Orient Express, my friend,
Happy Travelling in 2010.

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