Friday, December 18, 2009

Scarf Storage

Where do off-duty scarves hang out?
Hopefully, in your closet.

Once you start regularly using scarfs as accessories, you realize they don't store quite as conveniently as other things that hang around your neck. But hang loose. Hopefully today's post will provide some solutions for you.

Furnishing and renovating stores sometimes stock 'scarf hangers'. I saw one once in an Avon makeup catalogue. A scarf hanger can be hung among your clothes in the closet or from a hook behind a door. A quick tap on Google located a pile of options here:,

and these...

a coathanger re-shaped by a creative do-it-yourselfer,and a design available from Ikea.

A simpler version is a not-quite-complete circle of smooth No.8 wire with a hook at the top. You could make one of these yourself, perhaps unbending a coathanger and reshaping it. Make sure that the finished item doesn't have any sharp ends or edges that could snag the scarves. Try haberdashery and craft stores for plastic tubing with which you can cover the wire to prevent this.

Another solution is to make use of the inside surface of your closet door. Is your closet door as productive as it should be?

My closet has two hinged doors made of flimsy veneer. Any attachments to the door must be made at the edges where the door frame supports their weight. Here's what my Dad and I have created on one of those doors to stow my scarves where they'll be easy to access and won't get crushed by other garments.

To create three rows of wire, you'll need 3 lengths of plastic-coated sprung wire (the type used to hang net curtains), 6 cup hooks or eyes, and 6 corresponding hooks for the door.

Tools needed: tape measure, awl, pliers.

Cut the sprung wire to a width just short of the width of the door. Using the pliers to get a firm grip, screw a hook or eye into each end of the spring.

Measure and mark where you want your wires to sit on the door.

Using the awl, pierce a hole in the door frame, and with pliers screw the hook firmly into place. Repeat on the other side of the door.

Attach the wire to the hook on one side of the door and stretch it to hook on the other side. it should look like this ---
Voila! Oodles of storage space. My chunky winter scarves get hung over large hooks at the top of the door, but this arrangement would also work for them.

Delicate scarves that I don't wear very often are folded and placed in clear plastic bags. The top of the bag is folded over the wire and fastened with a peg. I can still see them, but they're dust-free and snag-free.

I also use these 'shelves' for gloves and other small items that can be folded or hooked over the wire.

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