Friday, November 13, 2009

Hunt for a Crewneck T-Shirt

Since the v-neck plunged on the fashion scene, crewneck t-shirts have been almost like the proverbial hen's tooth. If you've been looking for a crewneck t-shirt that has sleeves rather than caps, this post could save you a lot of time and effort.

I found...
The Postie+ online catalogue lists 4 colours, but I found others when visiting a shop.

Bamboo Fitted T-Shirt

The NZ Nature website offers shopping in 5 currencies: NZ, Australian, United States, UK, and Euro. Select your preference from the button at the top righthand corner, and the product page you're looking at will immediately change to reflect that currency.

If you like something with looser, longer sleeves, Damart's Victoria Hill overstock sales brochure is bristling with options priced at up to 50% off (see examples below). Quantities are limited, so don't delay. Note: All prices listed here are in NZ$.

T-Shirt fabrics include polyester and acrylic as well as cotton and cotton/spandex. Remember to check for size/colour availability before ordering.

Lest we feel undressed shopping only for's an attractive and practical skirt with a price to match.

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