Friday, September 18, 2009

Applause for the Informal Wedding Dress

This article is not about lowering the tone of your wedding day. It's about a way to circumnavigate the extreme cost of a gorgeous wedding gown and still look gorgeous. have advertised a new category of wedding gowns - the Informal Wedding Dress. Simply put, it's a Formal Gown that's white.

You can view their range here.

Formal (or Prom) dresses are generally cheaper than wedding dresses, so check out your favourite formal outfitter - they may have a white dress that's gorgeous enough to be your wedding gown. Boutique Narelle has reviewed a number of formal/bridal attire stores. You can browse those reviews by clicking on the Bridal and Formal categories on the sidebar.

Visit ModestByDesign's homepage and sign up to receive their special promotions and updates by email. This is a company that frequently offers very generous discounts.

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