Friday, August 14, 2009

First Lady Fashion in Australia

First Lady Fashion
An Australia fashion label has just come to my attention, a label that offers classic, feminine styles, elegant fabrics, and a range of colours to suit different complexions. Despite the exclusive sound of the name, the prices aren't extortionate.

The green and blue skirted outfits (above) are both dresses.

In the 20 months that Boutique Narelle has been operating, I have spent many hours searching in vain for online Australian stores that stock modest clothing, so I consider this an exciting find.

It's not fully online, in that orders must be made by phone, fax, or mail, but it does provide a link where you can download an Australian or a New Zealand catalogue complete with order form. The showroom and warehouse are in Mona Vale, New South Wales.

These photographs are from their NZ mail-order catalogue, just a few pages to give you an idea of the styles available.

The red and the blue skirt suits (above) are bargains indeed - both a skirt and a jacket for under NZ$70 (excl. p&p). At Ballentynes (NZ) you'd be paying NZ$60 for each.

Shopping Tip #1:
If a catalogue doesn't mention a garment is lined, you can be fairly sure it won't be lined.

Shopping Tip #2:
A knee length straight skirt [red suit above] is fairly sure to have a back split. An A-line skirt [blue suit above] will not have a split.

Please pardon the rumpled state of the photographs. The catalogue arrived folded in 3.

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