Friday, July 31, 2009

Problem Neckline? Camouflage!

Following on from SOLUTIONS FOR PLUNGING NECKLINES, we're starting on a new series, Ways to Use a Small Piece of Fabric.

Part 1: Camouflage
Do your shirt buttons gape?
Do you wish to draw attention away from a close-fitting jumper?

Here's how a small piece of fabric can solve both those problems.

Above, gaping buttons are out of sight, and below...

bust line is rendered secondary by an attractive necktie drawing the eye upward to the face.

The scarf is a 52x120mm rectangle with 'tweaked' tie ends (formerly a bikini wrap), made from a web knit with overlocked edges. In its new life, it gets the overhand knot treatment and is readily slipped on and off over the head.

More scarf tricks coming soon.

Like this, maybe?

Maybe not.

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