Friday, May 29, 2009

Dress of Your Dreams

Modest By Design's 2008 Prom Dress Contest Grand Prize Winner was Kirsta Purser, with this detailed design and an insightful mini-essay titled "Confidence."*

She gets to have her dream prom dress designed and made specifically for her as well as a photo shoot and accessories for her prom.

Four runners up were named and their drawings are also featured at Please visit -- it's well worth a look!

*Disclaimer: Boutique Narelle does not necessarily endorse religious philosophies expressed in the featured essays.

Have you ever tried to put on paper what your dream gown looks like? A friend recently asked me what I wanted for my wedding dress, something she's been pondering on for some time. While I've collated albums-full of magazine clippings and quite a shelf of bridal magazines, I've never done a cut-and-paste of my favourite concepts. Perhaps that's because many features appeal to me, too many to fit into one gown. Designing a prom dress - of which a girl could acceptably wear a new one every year - would be much more in line with such enthusiasm.

From a wee tot, I've been ardent about colouring-in and I'm not ashamed to admit it. In fact, the activity has been a great advantage in bonding with my little nephews who don't see me very often. Since the founding of this website and the increase of my design adventures, I've had occasion to sketch a few figures, but colour up a model featuring the tiniest details? -- the more I type, the more I like the idea.

The finalists in the Modest By Design Prom Dress contest display drawing styles that are very different from each other, some using software rather than paper and lead, but all equally intriguing and inspiring.

The Modest By Design Prom Dress contest is an annual event, the next one open to entries from September 15th, 2009, but only residents of the USA may enter and must be of high school age.

I know there is an underground modesty network in the South Pacific, and my aim is to encourage it to take wing so we can all benefit. Let's be inspired by what the American modesty industry is achieving and create some action down here!

So here's a challenge for you:
  1. Draw your dream dress.
  2. In a few sentences, describe what modesty means to you.
  3. Email us the results, and we will feature a selection on this website.
I plan to attempt the project myself, and hope you'll join me! Have fun!

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