Thursday, May 7, 2009

Apple-Blossom Wedding

Narelle beamed at Miriam. "I'm wearing a wedding dress!" she said, a lilt of excitement almost making her squeak. She switched her dress ring to her left hand and Miriam clicked a gentle promenade around her with the camera.

The Andrews Sisters hit "I'll Be With You In Apple Blossom Time" is the song of May for the YouPerform contest. One of the recent winners advised other contestants, "Find a way to make your entry special so it stands out from the crowd." Narelle and her accompanist Elaine Swanney went for a vintage wedding flavour, filming the song with Narelle wearing Elaine's 46-year-old wedding gown.

Narelle was abundantly blessed by the team effort. Thanks to Jonny the video techie, Miriam the photographer, and of course Elaine for a glamourous music adventure!

Elaine's gown is made of satin in a colour known as Candle Glow. It is fully interfaced with Vylene, which makes the skirt stand out stiffly without the need for petticoats, and helps prevent creases. The dress is not lined, and Narelle discovered a nylon chemise was a significant advancement toward slithering out of the heavy draperies. [Truth be told, first time she got into it, she couldn't get out and had to be rescued. Adventure indeed.]

The plain satin is embellished with appliqued lace roses, their stamens droplets of tiny seed beads.

The hair is Narelle's own. After 2 weeks' nightmare, the horrible haircut came under control when spanked with hairgel when wet. Hairspray was added once the tiara was in place (cover your headpiece when you do this!).

The tiara belongs to Narelle, purchased in April for $35 from The Accessory Shoppe in Rangiora, Christchurch, NZ. It has a small comb affixed to each end of the headband, allowing the whole to rest securely on the head.

You can listen to Narelle and Elaine's performance right here.

Listen out for the church bells Elaine added in the chorus.

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