Friday, March 13, 2009

Solutions for Plunging Necklines, Part 1

Are you frustrated and discouraged over low-cut clothing that exposes the décolletage? Weary of wandering along racks of deep v-necks? Tired of trying to find a blouse that has enough buttons?

Here are five different chemisettes and dickeys to help solve your low neckline problems. Offered in black or white, they layer well under shirts, sweaters, and jackets.

The chemisette has side tabs which wrap around your bra, camisole, or chemise straps. The dickeys are pulled on over your head like an ordinary shirt or sweater.

Some of the products pictured are available in a "buy 1, get 1 free" deal.

They are marketed by HealthPride, a company operating in Australia and New Zealand.

Oddly, neither the mail order catalogue nor the websites group these 5 neckline solutions together. It took me a while to discover there was a pile of them.

Remember, while the garments are one size fits all, people can differ greatly in their neck circumference. If you have a particularly slender neck, I suggest you avoid the lace and knit turtleneck styles.

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