Friday, March 6, 2009

Cinderella's Slippers

Have you ever got dressed for an important interview and then found there was something badly wrong with the shoes you planned to wear? Dirtied, scuffed, cracked, broken heel, missing buckle... How did you feel? What did you do about it?


Have you ever been invited to a special event and spent hours putting together a ravishing outfit that makes you feel like the princess you are, only to realize you don't have shoes to match?

The Power of Footwear

All these feet belong to women.

It has been said that if you have a pretty pair of shoes on your feet, no-one will notice your dress is shabby. Appropriate footwear can either make or break an outfit -- and the wearer.

I grew up wearing black shoes. Princess-like outfits tended to be in light colours. Metallic-coloured footwear was out of style, and white shoes were exclusive to bridal shops, which our town did not have. I had to make do with black shoes. I didn't think they looked right, so I didn't feel right.

A different pair of shoes could have significantly improved this wedding guest outfit. (Okay, so a few other things could be done to it as well, but the point is the shoes just don't work.) I was very ill at the time and was going for comfort, hoping that the flowers would make up for whatever else I lacked. See how pretty they were?'s a pity I couldn't have floated around like this.

How would you feel if you had to wear black shoes with your wedding gown? Brides in war-torn Israel are struggling with this very thing. Many do not have have the bridal shop option, either, but the Lord God is providing solutions in a miraculous way.

Do you remember the SOS for shoes in Meet Melissa, posted October 2008?

The CFI Bridal Salon is stocked by donations from kind-hearted people around the world. An English bride will send her wedding gown and accessories when she's finished with them. An American bridal designer will ship off all his remaining season's stock.

In nearly every issue of the magazine "The InGathering", there is a story of how God has met the need of another bride down to the exact details she dreamed of in private.

You don't have to be a bride in order to be part of this blessing. Remember the promise God made to Israel in Genesis 12:3? He will bless those who bless Israel.

Passing down the aisle of The Warehouse last week, I spotted a pair of white sandals in my size. My regular singing engagements means I'm always on the lookout for cheap, charming, comfortable footwear in an appropriate colour. I tried the sandals and liked them very much, greatly encouraged by the price tag of a mere NZ$14.99. I went back to the shelf for the shoebox (owning a pile of shoes gets complicated if you don't have a storage system), and noticed another pair in size 9.

The thought popped into my head, "Is there a bride in Israel with size 9 feet dreaming of these shoes?"

I bought both pairs.

I rolled each size 9 shoe in tissue paper from the shoebox, turned them end to end and bound them in a length of bubble wrap (recycled). The outside was treated to stiff brown paper. Postage cost NZ$15.20 economy air, sent to CFI - Bridal Salon, P.O. Box 1813, Jerusalem 91015, Israel.

Next time you see a pretty pair of white, open-toed sandals at bargain price, what will you do?

Spiffing up an old pair of dress shoes
Tips on Adding Accessories

Watch a demonstration of how to transform a boring pump with a bit of paint!

If you have a plain pair of jandals (thongs), sandals, flats, or pumps, here's how to add sparkle. Purchase crystals from a craft supplies store, glue them onto a buckle or bar then onto your shoe, or glue them directly onto the shoe. This forum offers advice on the dos and don'ts of achieving this.Clip-on earrings are a quick and easy way to transform a simple shoe into a stunning accessory. This article offers tips on how to achieve that comfortably without gluing the earring to your shoe, plus other decorative and interchangeable ideas using objects like lace, beads, and buttons.

Here is an example of vintage rhinestone clip-on earrings used as shoe clips for a wedding. They are about 1 inch in diameter*, and are available for purchase here. US$8. Sale expires March 28th, 2009.

Pretty decos, but too small. [Click on image to view enlargement.]

*If you're going earring shopping for this purpose, remember that the earrings have to be LARGE. What might look quite big on your ears will be small and insignificant on your shoes. More glamourous shoe-clip ideas can be viewed on the do-it-yourself network.

Browse wedding/shoe stores for more ideas of what you can do to cheer up your tootsies and add chic to your feet. A recommended place to start is at Crystal Bridal Accessories. (Click on the image to go to their website.)

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