Sunday, February 1, 2009

Beautiful Bride 2009

The swelter of summer is in full swing here in the south, and so is the white-out of wedding season. With jacket dresses the new season's style delight, it's interesting to look back to a bride who realized its charms a decade ago.

Lisa Long had her dress made by a seamstress, the lace fabric purchased in India by a friend.

Lisa says, "I think Mum's friend bought the lace in India just because she liked it, but when she heard I was getting married she gave it to me. The dress is a simple sleeveless satin dress with v neck, zipped at back. The lace was more of a top than a jacket, with only a couple of pearl buttons on the back.

"It was made by someone who mum's friend knew in Hamilton. It only cost NZ$150 to have made. The pattern was bought from Spotlight.

"We got married in May [late autumn] and had planned on having the ceremony outside in Mum's orchard, but it rained all night the night before so we ended up getting married in the garage!

"Looking back now, there is so much I would change but we wanted to get married as cheap as possible, and nearly 10 years on we are still happily married so that's all that matters!"

View the Rose gown from the Iris Bridal Collection to see how a simple bolero jacket can turn a strapless dress into a modest outfit and still look stunning.

The jacket-dress concept greatly increases your modest shopping options. You can buy a high fashion gown that wasn't created with modesty in mind, and have a jacket made to wear on top.

Have you attended a wedding recently? Were the ladies modest and beautiful? Send us pictures!

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