Friday, August 22, 2008

Spring Trends

I find it helpful to see outfits pieced together in store windows or catalogues. It shows me what can be done with their stock, and gives me ideas of what I can do with garments I already own. Let's make use of the Farmers spring catalogues.

Farmers describe themselves as NZ's foremost fashion department store.

Remember, it's easy to pop a camisole underneath those not quite high enough necklines.

Skirts may be shorter, but the look is feminine and there are options that cover.

I can't imagine what inspired the costume department to give this model dark yellow leggings with a red, blue, and white top, but let's ignore the glare and imagine what could be done with the dainty tunic. Perhaps a navy skirt, red sandals, and a white long-sleeved t-shirt? White trousers, white denim jacket, and a red hat?
Layers continue to be the theme, not so much the long camisoles and short shirts, but long tunics and short jackets.

The Warehouse recently upgraded their sales brochure to almost a fashion magazine. Page after page of the August catalogue offers style tips.

Add a camisole or t-shirt underneath, top with a jacket, and you'll be blendy with the trendy if you need to be.

Don't despise the humble scarf -- it can cover clefts, fill gaps, and add pizzazz and good cheer. Have you tried one tied to the handle of your handbag?

Ezibuy are running what they call their 'Last Chance Clearance" with garments up to 75% off. A quick look through their catalogue shows some tops down to $20 each, several offered at 2 for $30, and there's even a long-sleeved satin piece with a choice of 5 colours for $10. Take a look online at or

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