Friday, August 29, 2008

Hope for Modest Brides Down Under

This season all bridal suppliers are stocking a MODEST range. This means that even if the website or store hangers don't show any covered bosoms and shoulders, if you ask the staff, they'll show you what can be ordered in for you. (If this is true of New Zealand, it will be true of Australia.)

I was in Bridal Salon in Palmerston North's King Street, and Raewyn, who shared this exciting news with me, showed me a classy publication with a whole section devoted to beautiful modesty. This same Bridal Salon's website, which featured a half price sale in July, hadn't given me any hope they could provide anything modest. (I was in the shop to purchase storage bags for my concert gowns.)

Jacket Possibilities

I went across the street to Simpsons Original Suit Hire & Bridal Sales and asked what they could do for a girl wishing to be beautiful and modest. I was assured they do have a few gowns with sleeves, or bolero or shrug jacket options that could be worn on top of a "regular" gown. Here are some examples from their website. The above 3 gowns are for purchase, and those below are for hire.

In short, the good news is that if you want to buy locally, get personal service, and a complimentary fitting, go in to the store and ASK what they can do for you.

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