Friday, August 15, 2008

Celebrating Being Feminine

Do you love being a girl? If you are a girl, that's a good thing. Many people in our world today are confused about whether they're feminine or not, which is very serious if you're actually masculine.

This week I spent a day in the city and while waiting for my lunch order from a Turkish kebab café, I saw a very pretty young man behind the counter.

His sleek black hair was held back in a perky ponytail. A neat kiss curl rested in front of each ear. One earlobe sported a large, pale pink diamante stud and he wore a chunky silver chain around his neck. I watched as he preened in a mirror while waiting for food to heat, fussing with his already immaculate curls.

The religious book of his Muslim employers promises a dire judgement to homosexuals, so it is unlikely that he would associate himself with this sexual persuasion and gain a job there, but his androgeny (gender confusion) was painful to see. It set me to thinking on the importance of gender distinction and the value of our femininity. God created women in the female mold (no half- or part-masculine females) and declared that it was good. We should view it likewise.

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In honour of this post, I've created a poster celebrating our femininity. I have not placed copyright on it, so you may copy and distribute for free. Why not print it as a postcard or use it as your desktop wallpaper or screensaver?

By all means express your individual taste in your appearance and surroundings, but do it whilst rejoicing in being a girl! Dare to thank the Almighty God for choosing to make you a woman!

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