Friday, August 8, 2008

Antiperspirant Poisons?

Did you know there are killers lurking on your dressing table and bathroom shelves? Check the ingredients on your personal care items for the following toxic chemicals:

Would you willingly put something on your face when you know it is associated with skin cancer? Would you willingly continue to use toxic chemicals in your sensitive underarm area when you know tests have proven those chemicals to cause breast cancer?

Become a wise consumer and use your shopping dollar to improve your family's health.

Read the labels on products and get to know those hidden cancer-causing ingredients as well as those that are suspected of causing cancer and those which interact with other ingredients to produce toxic results.

If ingredients aren't listed on the items you buy, ask yourself why?

Check out those manufacturers who make safe products. [Email BoutiqueNarelle(at) for a product recommendation.]

Don't be fooled by such terms as "natural", "organic", "hypoallergenic", or "herbal". They may be used more as advertising hype than guaranteeing safety.

Recognize the toxins and carcinogens that we all put into our sewerage systems, waterways, and earth when we pull the plug on our bath, shower, washing machine, and sink.


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