Friday, June 6, 2008

Magnificent Suit Sale

Perhaps this post will be good tidings of welcome cheer for our northern, summer-needing friends. Thanks to Kath and Donna for introducing us to...

Do you have a special occasion coming up? A summer wedding?

Normally the gorgeous suits of the elite designers are out of the price range of mere mortals, but the current sale at might just put them within your reach. Here are some samples, priced between US$49 and $179, having been reduced up to a massive 62%.

Much of their stock is discounted. You can browse the collection, or if you're chasing one of these in particular, I've labeled each image with the suit product number (right click, save image). Type that number into their search engine and you'll quickly be able to view an enlarged image. It's well worth it - the detailing on these suits is breath-taking. They're in high demand, so don't delay if you want to purchase.

Yes, they do sell the hats as well. = ) stock some similar brands/styles, but the images are greatly lacking in clarity and there is almost no garment information, whereas make a point of describing the design features, garment length, and fabric and laundering details. Waistband fastenings are not among the listed details, and they don't provide back views, so for the straight skirts, you might want to inquire whether there is a back split or not.

Below is a sample of the information provides:
Luxurious Women's Suit by Lisa Rene

A graceful draped chiffon scarf, studded with sparkling rhinestones and modesty dickie fills the neck of the 25” jacket. The scarf is caught at the shoulder by a rhinestone ornament and button’s at waist level with an elegant rhinestone and enamel button. The skirt is our 33” classic slim style—always flattering and easy to wear. Be Well Dressed and Well Blessed with this Lisa Rene Collection suit today at the best price anywhere guaranteed. Fully Lined. Imported Fabric. Dry Clean.

Peach Skin Fabric
Peach skin is a smooth finish applied to finely woven Micro Fiber fabric. This finish allows suits and dresses to flow with your movements and drape beautifully. Peach Skin fabric suits and dresses are ideal for any season and weather due to its light weight and texture. Peach skin is not too heavy nor too hot which makes it perfect for any season. The feel of this luxurious fabric is soft, smooth and moderately wrinkle-resistant. Wrinkles fall out by simply hanging the ensemble. Style Magazine says “once you wear a Peach Skin suit, you will never want to take it off.”

You Receive:
2PC Set
Jacket and Matching Skirt

A classy denim option

Linen skirt or pant suits in a multitude of pretty colours
Some of the 2-piece suits will need a camisole underneath; select a 3-piece style and you're all set to step out as a stunningly gorgeous example of feminine modesty and charm.

As I've said before, putting yourself on the mailing list of these online stores is worthwhile. Notification of the above sale came to my email Inbox along with a voucher for a 10% discount on any $100 spent, in addition to listed discounts. I can't pass that discount on to you, but you can put yourself on that mailing easy as a wink and thus get discount vouchers in your own Inbox.

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