Friday, June 27, 2008

Adventure in Accessories

My sister Sarah and I have been on an adventure in accessories.

Come along for the ride and you might gain some ideas. Just for fun, we'll share our bloopers as well. Remember, click on an image to enlarge it.

We start with a basic outfit:
  • a crewneck, long-sleeved t-shirt from The Warehouse,
  • a stretch cotton 3/4-sleeve top from Ballentynes,
  • a Boutique Narelle stretch corduroy skirt,
  • and suede moccasins from The Warehouse.

Nice garments. Boring outfit.

We add some pizzazz with a simple necklace that reflects the colour and shape of the blueberry top, blending it with the french blue crewneck . The floral chiffon scarf provides a complimentary contrast in colour and shape.

Bad choice. The necklace colour does match the outfit, but the shape does nothing to enhance it.

Gloves and shoes add another dimension.

The style of footwear can change the look altogether.

More layers.

The silver buckles on these shoes reflect the necklace and bodice buckles. The pale blue hat gives a lighter tone to the whole than the black cap would, and draws the eye upward.

Change the shade and shape of the accessories, with pinks and plums still giving the contrast, and quite a different mood emerges.

The flower was cut from a $2 Warehouse bunch, the wired stem bent into concentric circles, and a hat pin woven up and down through the rows of stem to secure it to the hat. The hat is a large circle of polar fleece lined with the same of satin, gathered and attached to a band measured to fit the head. [For a closer look, see here.] Easy to make, fun to wear, very adaptable.

Next week: more help with accessories.

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