Friday, May 9, 2008

Catalogue Quality

I've been frustrated so often by absence of catalogue or website information regarding fabric, fit, and sizing, and photographs that hide important details (i.e. the model is wearing a long shirt over the skirt waistband, a scarf covers the neckline, or the sleeves are rolled up obscuring sleeve length or cuff detail).

Annie Lantz (Aus$) provide the best catalogue I've ever seen, not only because of style or modesty, but because they pay attention to detail. Here are sample pages from two of their mail order catalogues.

Notice the feminine detail on the skirt, and the line drawing of each garment. Click image to enlarge.

"Dear Annie Lantz,
Thank you for sending me your extremely attractive, creative catalogue. I've never enjoyed browsing a catalogue more! I appreciate your designs which allow a woman to be both modest and stylish, and the detailed garment description and line drawings are very helpful. I wonder if you might consider adding a further detail in future catalogues -- that of skirt length, and whether the skirt is lined? Wishing you every success, Narelle Worboys."

Email BoutiqueNarelle(at) for free printable Retailer Feedback cards.

Viewing images on the web is never as good as the detail provided by a large, glossy magazine. Clothing catalogues are free, and they give you the benefit of browsing at home then ordering by mail, phone, or internet, with a return option if it doesn't fit, isn't quite the right colour, etc. For those of us who can't get to the city or the store, they're a tremendous benefit.

Some stores are primarily mail order, such as Annie Lantz, so unless you get their catalogue, you won't know about their periodic sales with drastically reduced prices. Because of fashion's high turnover rate, stores always have sales, often several times a season, which means that even if Annie Lantz or House of Heather prices are normally out of your purse range, their sales may not be. It's worth getting their catalogues for this reason alone.

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