Friday, April 18, 2008

Skirt Portfolio 4 - Australian Hems

I've been surprised at how difficult it is to locate Australian online skirt shops. If you've got knowledge that isn't included in this post, please share it with us!

A friend told me about, which isn't particularly modest -- especially if you judge by the models! -- but they do have a few long skirts.

Shop at (also under the Capture label for the following skirts. Check the other Ezibuy labels for more skirt options.
These 2 dresses can be worn with a camisole, t-shirt, or poloneck underneath. For extra warmth, pop a pair of trousers on the bottom, or wear with high boots.

Skirt hems are noticeably rising. The predominant theme of the above skirt options is gray/brown. It is a fashion trend, so be prepared for a deluge of gray. I'm sighing over this, because my winter environment is so frequently gray I don't wish to add to it through my wardrobe! A recent passage through Christchurch Airport initiated me into Air New Zealand staff's current grayness - making the fluorescent-lit airport seem even more gloomy than usual.

We should be thankful that the last few seasons have provided us with a selection of long skirts in pretty colours. I have been able to find a few other options that mostly avoid one or the other of these factors.

Ezibuy's summer sale includes the following:

This skirt comes in several bright colours and is described as being half-lined. You can see the half-way hem in the picture. This would be easy to fix: cut out a cotton or taffeta lining the same shape as the made-up skirt and stitch it to the top of the half-lining or the waistband.

If you like the following sundress colours but wouldn't wear the style as a dress, buy a size that will allow the empire waistline to sit down on your hips, chop off the bodice, and turn under the raw seam to make a skirt waistband -- the presence of a side zip means you don't have to figure out a way of climbing into the garment. If you want extra warmth, add another lining while you're at it.

The following 2 outfits are from

The following 3 skirts are from, available in a range of colours.

Hemp Co Environmental Clothing specializes in natural fabrics that are cool and comfortable. Some of their products have been drastically reduced for their Easter Sale.

The following colourful selection (10 images) is from is the only maternity store I've found so far that caters for the woman interested in modesty and beautiful femininity. I hope you're as delighted as I am by the following 4 delicious examples!

This is the longest (modest) maternity skirt I've been able to locate, and it's found at
This frolicky-fun item is found at

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