Friday, April 4, 2008

Skirt Portfolio 3: Denim USA

No, you didn't miss Skirt Portfolio 2. I had to re-label the existing skirt advertisements, so No. 1 is now No. 2, and the new No. 1 was a January Ballentynes Special.

A reader emailed her opinion of denim. She said it's a fantastic material, wears well apart from a tendency to fade/wear at the knees (making allowances for differences in fabric color and weight), and it still looks great after a long day, whether you're doing schoolwork, working in the kitchen, or caring for toddlers!

Other benefits are it's not transparent so doesn't need to be lined, and can be worn winter or summer.

The above five skirts are from I've displayed some of the tidier, more conservative styles in their catalogue. Styles are sorted into sizes and lengths, i.e. "Long Denim Skirts - Tall." They offer a range of fabric shades and treatments. seems to offer pretty much the same range, with slight variations in price.

Unfortunately this riding skirt isn't currently available for purchase because the business is for sale. Lydia of Purple specialized in modest custom fitted garments for homeschooling mothers and their young ladies who dress modestly. They're advertised in a lot of modesty indexes but nothing seems to have happened on the site for some time. I'm trying to find out what the story is there. offers the following riding skirt with a denim option., whose motto is "Modest, Comfortable, and Feminine" offers this skirt, currently available at reduced price.


Tips gleaned from

Machine wash cold. Tumble dry, remove promptly, warm iron as desired.


When it’s time to wash your new dark denim make sure it’s washed alone so no dye transfer occurs on other items. For best results with dark denim, launder in cold water, turning item inside out to preserve the dark color. Dark denim is best maintained by not using the dryer cycle. This is where most fading occurs. Air drying is recommended.

To keep white denim looking brand new wash in warm or hot water. Pre-treat stains with a stain remover directly on the stain (especially on the hem). Re-wash before the drying cycle if stains are still visible.

Before altering and hemming - wash and dry in a high temperature to maximize the shrinkage…especially for pant legs.

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