Friday, March 7, 2008

Winter Wedding

This week it is my privilege to share with you wedding pictures of my darling sister Katrina. She will tell you all the details herself.

Mr. and Mrs. Jeremy Peake

"First, I took my mum to a bridal shop and tried on 2 very different dresses to get an idea of what they felt like, then I searched Auckland for something with sleeves. All I found was a Bolero jacket which went on top of the dress and was very uncomfortable. I tried on as many different styles as I could for free, and finally found one I really liked.

"To my delight, the following week I found a pattern in a pattern book at Spotlight that was so similar it could have been the same one. I bought the pattern and asked my mother-in-law Karen if it was possible to add sleeves, for which I’d found some light material.

"Karen did a wonderful job, it was just beautiful. One of her clever additions was little tabs with tiny domes, stitched under the shoulder straps to keep my slip and bra straps from showing.

"I wore a full length slip, because my petticoat was a little scratchy, and I found it cooler and more comfortable than fully lining the dress. To get the dress to boof out, Karen made a basic petticoat of net, and then starting at the bottom added a single layer, and then one about 4 inches higher but over lapping, and then another one a bit higher covering the other two – this way you can test after each layer to see how boofy it is, and add as much as desired.

"The dress cost NZ$300 apart from the beads which Karen bought. That was $200 for the fabric, and I splashed out on a metre of lace for $100, then discovered that the border had been incorrectly measured by the material shop assistant, and wasn't long enough. So, we cut out the lace motifs that covered the metre above the border, and I arranged them up the back to the base of the buttons – it looked like it was meant!!! And then a few extra for sleeve and neck edges. Sometimes penny-pinching and having to dream can be more stunning than spending loads on a designer dress off the hanger.

Bridesmaids Magdala and B’Ethel Williams with Katrina

"For my two bridesmaids outfits, B'Ethel looked online and I looked through books, and we came up with the same one (see image below). I wanted something that would cover them, suit both their figures and make them feel comfortable AND beautiful, and hopefully be usable again, as it seemed a waste to spend time and money on a beautiful dress that would never be used again! It also worked with them buying black boots, as I didn't want them wasting their money on something that would be uncomfortable (that was my privilege!) and never be used again. The long skirts partly covered them, but they were stylish boots that they needed and loved and would wear a lot next winter and the next. "Practical but beautiful and stylish, and didn't cost a fortune" was my motto!!!

"I got the idea for the cloak from a friend who was married in England in winter – rather chilly! Her cloak was warm and black and it looked stunning on the white, although she only wore it to and from the church. Mine was made for a concert performance. I had it with me in case I got cold – it fit better than my husband’s jacket! It was purely fun value; it’s a day for dressing up, feeling beautiful, and giving yourself and others a glimpse of the beauty, love, and joy of the Bride of Christ, which we will be part of."

Another Kiwi bride used cloak and boots to cope with chill airs and wintry winds.

NZ couturiere Robyn Cliffe created this Edwardian design for the cooler clime.

What did you do for your wedding? Email us your pictures and story!

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