Friday, March 14, 2008

Skirt Portfolio 2

Most of the skirts featured here are available from online stores. If the styles are too short or buying from overseas is not for you, let them serve as inspiration for what you can create yourself. Remember to click on the picture to enlarge it. This is by no means the limit of what is available. More Skirt Portfolios coming soon to Boutique Narelle.

The first batch are from

Above and below are examples of how a simple trim in coordinating or contrasting colour can lift a pretty fabric into a stunning creation.

If your skirt is made of a light-weight fabric but isn't lined, you need a slip. SkirtSpot has two designs (below) to suit either a straight or a full skirt. Boutique Narelle will be providing specialist posts on slips and linings.

Visit the above website to view the following garments in greater detail.

Tweed, pin-stripe, suede, cotton, linen, viscose, polyester... newCreation Women's Apparel offers a range of tailored, feminine designs in hardwearing fabrics.

If you don't have a pattern for an asymmetrical design, top-stitching fringe or cord onto an A-line skirt is an easy way to achieve the same look.newCreation Women's Apparel stock a charming range of jackets that coordinate beautifully with the skirts.

Visit the above website to view the following garments in greater detail.

If you would enjoy doing clothing reviews like this, visit here to see job details.

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