Friday, March 27, 2009

Princess Incognito?

Here's one of my favourite posts from 2008, updated a little bit. I hope it inspires you once again to feel like a Princess. = )

Are you shy about your appearance? Avoid having your picture taken?

When someone asks you about your standards or comments on your clothing, how do you react? Make excuses…rather not talk about it…or are you prepared to give a reason for the hope that is in you?

Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden

I used to think that my desire to dress and behave like a princess was an unhealthy, highbrow attitude that was setting myself above those in my community. Who would countenance such stuck-up ideas? I kept my royal aspirations hidden in my heart and tried to blend in.

Princess Elizabeth of the United Kingdom

But I’ve recently discovered, to my astonishment, that conducting oneself as a princess is not self promotion or attracting attention to oneself if you understand that you ARE a princess, an ambassador representing someone worthy of respect and honour.

Firstly, if you have asked the Lord Jesus to be your Saviour, you have been born again into His heavenly family, making you the daughter of the King of Kings. A little mathematical figuring here discovers…um…Daughter of King = Princess, right?

Secondly, you are an ambassador for your earthly family. The way you present yourself helps make successful those who are closest to you – father, husband, even employer. To hide, make excuses, and be ashamed of our standards is counterproductive!

Anna Sofia Botkin says in “Strength and Dignity for Daughters”:

“In a generation that is starving for examples of femininity, modesty, and true princess-like behavior, we need to act as though the whole world is watching, because the whole world is watching.”

Anna Sofia continues, “God has given us standards of excellence. His standard dictates that we dress femininely and modestly, and we should take pride in the way we communicate this standard with the public. It should be obvious to the people who see us that we are confident and happy in the precepts that God has given us. We are not ashamed to honour Him. Some girls are so intimidated by the disapproval of the heathen that they become ashamed of God’s precepts and treat His standards like a big ball and chain that they have to drag around.”

Ladies, if we want to be effective in our service to the Lord Jesus Christ, we cannot allow ourselves to think that way.

Are you ashamed, or are you standing straight, holding your head high, being confident to share with the world that you honour the Lord Jesus Christ and your parents? I dare you to be a gloriously modest and feminine Princess.

Would you like to demonstrate your Princess status? Here are 2 ideas.

• Communicate your standard with the public by sending a photograph of yourself wearing an outfit you love, telling us why you like it. Email BoutiqueNarelle(at)

• Send us a photo of yourself and your mother or mentor for our Tribute to Femininity.

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