Friday, March 21, 2008

Modest Swimwear Solutions

Summer is just around the corner for the northern hemisphere, and here in the south we've been reminded again what midsummer heat can be like, so here are some more swimwear options for you.

I'm delighted to have discovered Modest Swimwear Solutions, a Canadian company offering a colourful range of ready-made swimsuits, custom-made versions made your specifications, or if you've got the needle but not the $$, you can purchase a ready-to-sew fabric and pattern kit.

I'm intrigued by the Burqini, a curious term for a thoughtfully, professionally crafted garment that has opened a new world to many women previously restricted from water exercise. It can be worn with or without the headpiece.

The Daily Mail featured an article about it here, and so did the Sydney Morning Herald -- here.

The Burqini and Bodykini (below) are ideal for women who want to limit their exposure to the sun. They provide good coverage whilst still allowing freedom of movement. The Bodykini website states the garment is suitable for swimmer athletes. Try it and let us know what you think!

Bodykini swimwear isn't exclusive to Muslim women. Women cover their bodies for cultural, religious and even medical reasons. These suits are handy because they allow women to enjoy swimming without the hassles of wearing leggings, bigshirts and the like.

UK variations can be found at -- see the following 5 images for examples --

and Brazil's AquaGym offers the following styles here -- tip: check the hem of the trousers.

Remember that buying swimsuits at the close of the summer season will often reap a significant discount from the regular selling price. This works well for southerners buying from the northern hemisphere, as Autumn Sales in the north coincide with the south's pre-summer thoughts on water wear options, and vice versa for the northerners.

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