Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Valentine Special - Part 2

Unless specifically mentioned, the following stores are on the American continent.

First of all, we have some lovely offerings from www.Chadwicks.com, a company that loves to offer big discounts, especially if you are on their e-mailing list.

This outfit is advertised by www.HannahLise.com, a company specializing in modest skirts.

Short dresses look great over trousers. It's very trendy, and solves one of those pressing modesty problems. This dress would look cute over a long-sleeved white crewneck and white trews.

The above two dresses are from www.Nordstrom.com.

Try cream trews with the above dress, accompanied by a lacey cream camisole to cover the chest.

These three items (above and below) were found at www.Overstock.com.
Why not make a pair of pale pink trews to go with this sweet number?

Black trews with this red dress would reflect the button accents and create one stylish outfit!

This is an example of a modest design offered by www.VenusBridal.com. Venus designs are available globally. Their website provides a store locator. More on Bridal options next week!

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